SuperShot Melter/ Applicators

SuperShot Melter/Applicators are the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. Digital controls accurately regulate the heating temperature of the sealant and heat transfer oil. A patented internal pumping system eliminates clean out and features a hydraulic flow rate adjustment. There are no valves, no hose pressure build up, fewer moving parts.




Router/ Pavement Cutter

The Model 200 Pavement Cutter has been the industry standard for 30 years. There is no other pavement cutter that can match the quality, reliability, long term performance and features of the Model 200




Super Seal Coater

The Super Seal Coater is ideal for those cold applications of emulsions, rejuvenators and dust suppressants. Designed for the contractor the Super Seal Coater’s standard features are considered options on all other seal coat machines.