PolyFlex III Crack Sealant

PolyFlex sealants are a single component, hot applied petroleum based product which is used to seal and fill cracks and joints in both asphalt and concrete pavements. This product uses the new ‘Pleximelt’ packaging which is a meltable wrap which contains to and protects the sealant. No waste by product and cardboard to dispose of with this product.




Pleximelt Packaging

View: Plexi-Melt.PDF




Roadsaver Silicone

Crafco Roadsaver Silicone SL is a low modulus silicone which offers the performance and durability characteristics of conventional silicone with the ease of installation of self-levelling materials.




Pavement Joint Adhesive

Pavement Joint Adhesive bonds paving passes creating a watertight seal. Also effective for waterproofing exposed edges of asphalt pavement.





Open freshly crack sealed pavements to vehicle traffic immediately and eliminate sealant pickup and tracking. Detack is an economical liquid that eliminates sealant tack when sprayed onto freshly applied hot pour sealant.




Mastic 1/ Polypatch

These products have specifically designed for cracks too large for crack sealing and distressed surfaces that are too small for re-paving.




HP Coldpatch Asphalt Repair

HP Coldpatch Asphalt repair is a permanent repair asphalt cold mix product specifically formulated for a wide range of temperature and climate extremes.




HP Coldpatch Concrete Repair

HP Coldpatch Concrete repair is specifically formulated for ease of use without any mixing and can be applied straight from the bag.





TechCrete is the long term solution for distressed concrete pavement preservation. TechCrete is a proven hot pour superior repair solution different from conventional rigid repair methods due to its flexibility, high tensile strength, ability to bridge joints and high compressive resistance.





Quikseal is a peel and stick, modified asphalt compound ideal for sealing cracks, seams around pavement patches and concrete joints.




Asphalt Rejuven